Our concepts and work process is what sets us apart from other companies. When entering a new project we start with an architectural approach. In this example, we begin with a site analysis, then establish a concept that coincides with the site. Lastly, we come up with a design that uses the site's best features and materials.   


work process


 After conducting a site analysis, we chose a concept that corresponded with the site's existing mountain. Keeping in mind the idea of building with the earth and never on it, we came up with a concept of a snake slithering in and out of a mountain. 



Incorporating the snake concept with the site helps create a design that uses its best features and also distributes the space in an elegant manner. Creating the snake's body as a stone wall establishes a rhythm that separates the space between mountain and yard, while giving each section of the wall a different function.  


Work Progress


Final product